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Secure Lockdown Remote Management Services offer cloud-based central control of all your Secure Lockdown systems.

View system and Secure Lockdown information and status Modify the Secure Lockdown password  Update Secure Lockdown to the latest release  Enable or disable Secure Lockdown  Update settings for one system or in bulk  Capture a current screenshot of the locked down system  Restart the main application  Restart/logoff/shutdown the system  Send alerts if the system is down  Deactivate Secure Lockdown licenses

Keep Devices Organized

Easily keep track of all registered devices. Sort and view the details of all units.

All Editions Supported

Manage all of your devices remotely regardless of what editions you use.

Bulk Operation

Save time by performing software updates, password and settings changes, and other bulk operations.

Coming Soon!

Many Free Features

Many remote management features are free such a software updating, screenshot capture, and system status info. So be sure to register all of your devices with the Remote Management Service.

Quick System Status

View the system status of your devices from a birds-eye view.

Coming Soon!

Email Alerts

Send administrative email alerts if a system goes down.

Buy More and Save BIG

Inteset offers great savings when purchasing licenses in bulk. We also offer re-seller, non-profit, and government discounts. Discounts per license are applied automatically when you order online. Please contact us to receive more information about discounts.

10+ |17% Off
100+ | 44% Off


Works with all release of Secure Lockdown (Standard, Multi Application, Chrome, PlayBox - Chrome Ed., Interent Explorer)
Works with current version of popular browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, FireFox)
The Secure Lockdown software must be installed, activated (requires license registration) and registered with RMS
Must register each Secure Lockdown System with the RMS via the Secure Lockdown configuraiton utility (see User Guide for more information)
Some RMS features require services fees to function (pricing described above)