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Inteset Systems launched the first edition of its Secure Lockdown Windows utility back in 2008. At that point, it was aimed toward high-end, Windows-based media center A/V systems. The intention was to lock-out users from the Windows OS allowing access to the media center application only. The software was so popular among that target, in 2010, Inteset decided to offer it to all businesses. Since then, Secure Lockdown has morphed into 4 editions of software and is now installed on over 150,000 Windows devices around the world. One step further, Inteset is now manufacturing, for its customers, optimized hardware solutions labeled Secure Lockdown PlayBox™ that takes advantage of the Secure Lockdown utility. Inteset Systems is as committed as ever to improving its product line with continued updates and new, relevant products designed to make its customers’ job easier.

Company Headquarters - Hanover Massachusetts

Meet the Execs

Jeffrey Lloyd
CEO / President / Head Honcho
"Live Young!"
David Hirsh
CFO / Director of Business Dev
"Don’t let Monday ruin your Sunday"
Dmitriy Burdan
CTO / Head of Software Dev
"Simplicity is ultimate sophistication"
Jen Patrick
Director of Marketing
"If you're moving, you're doing it right!"
Jim Lloyd
Chief Counsel
"It is never too late to be what you might have