Inteset PlayBox Advanced Replacement Policy

Expedited Replacement Service (ERS)

Inteset will provide, upon request from the Buyer at the time of purchase, our Expedited Replacement Service for the PlayBox Hardware and software as provided. The terms of this program are as follows:

1.       A non-refundable fee of $10 for the first year or $25 for 3 years will be paid at the time of purchase of each PlayBox unit to be covered. Program renewals will be automatically charged to the Buyers credit card on the first of the month prior to each anniversary date after the initial term unless Inteset receives written instructions to cancel the service. Covered units will be registered using the PlayBox serial number of the device.

2.       The Buyer is required to have an active credit card authorization with Inteset on file at all times during the effective dates of this service. Failure of this requirement will result in immediate cancellation of the service. Inteset will be authorized to use the credit card on file to charge appropriate amounts as required by this service.

3.       Warranty or repair problems will be reported to Inteset Support (IS) prior to returning any PlayBox units. Returns must be authorized by Inteset prior to any return. If Inteset deems that a return is necessary, we will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. That number must be placed on the outside of the package that contains the return PlayBox. Proof of original purchase of the unit to be returned with its serial number must also be provided.

4.       If a problem occurs with the PlayBox that requires a replacement, Inteset will send a fully programmed and operational PlayBox unit to the original Buyer’s address or a different address as specified by the original Buyer in writing to Inteset. The replacement unit will have only the software as installed at the time of original purchase plus any Inteset updates to the original software. No Buyer software will be installed on any replacement PlayBox unit.

5.       Replacement units will be shipped prepaid via 2-day USPS Priority Mail in the United States within one business day of receipt of the replacement request as described herein. Shipments will be insured and have tracking to the destination.

6.       Replacement PlayBox units under this program may be either new or refurbished solely at the discretion of Inteset.

7.       PlayBox units requiring replacement under this program must be returned to Inteset with postage prepaid within 14 calendar days of the date the replacement unit was requested and an RMA # issued. If the PlayBox unit to be returned is not received by Inteset within 14 calendar days, Inteset may charge the Buyer the full purchase price of a new PlayBox unit. Return PlayBox units will be sent to Inteset with a tracking number for each package. The Buyer is requested to send the tracking number of the return PlayBox unit to Inteset as soon as possible.

8.       Any failure by the post office or shipping company to make a timely delivery of the return PlayBox unit to Inteset will not negate any of the terms or requirements of this agreement. Such a failure will be considered solely the responsibility of the Buyer.

9.       If the one year warranty on the PlayBox unit returned to Inteset has expired then the Buyer agrees to pay the full purchase price effective at the time of replacement. If the returned unit can be repaired for less than the cost of a new PlayBox unit then the Buyer will be charged for the costs of repair only and not the full purchase price.

10.   If it is determined, after the returned PlayBox unit is received by Inteset, that the warranty terms have been violated or expired and thus voided or lapsed then the buyer agrees to pay the full purchase price of the replacement PlayBox unit effective at the time of replacement.

Failure of Inteset to enforce any of the terms of this service agreement will not negate or reduce the Buyers responsibilities hereunder. Inteset will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any costs, damages or losses by any party to this agreement beyond the service subscription fees paid by the Buyer to Inteset for the replacement unit requested by the Buyer. This agreement is written under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any legal action as a result of the service of this agreement will be adjudicated in the applicable court located in Plymouth County, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.

Contact an Inteset representative if you'd like to subscribe to the Inteset PlayBox Expedited Replacement Service (ERS).