Kiosk Mode using Windows 10 Home

There are many reasons to choose Secure Lockdown over the native Kiosk Mode of Windows 10
Microsoft has introduced a Kiosk Mode feature in Windows 10. At first glance, this feature seems appealing as it incorporates the ability to run a single app in a locked down state. While this utility is good intentioned, it falls short in many respects. The first and most glaring problem is it only works on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education - it is NOT available on Windows 10 Home. Thus, users will need to pay a high premium to use it and operate it with a host of system features not needed for specific purpose systems. Second, although it works with Classic Win32 (Desktop) apps in a rudimentary, complicated way, Kiosk Mode is designed to work with Windows Store (Universal Windows) apps even though most kiosk implementations still use Desktop apps. In addition, Windows 10 Kiosk Mode suffers from lacking built-in features that instead require the use of the Group Policy Editor and PowerShell scripts complicating implementations. Also, Kiosk Mode only supports one app and is not viable for those setups requiring a locked down system with more than one application available.

With Secure Lockdown, these issues are eliminated. This inexpensive utility runs your solution (one app or more) seamlessly on Windows 10 Home locked down with no complicated setup procedures saving you time and money. Both Standard and Multi-app editions can run Desktop or Universal Windows apps in Desktop Mode or full-screen - Tablet Mode. In addition, Inteset offers FREE cloud-based remote management services to help you manage, and monitor your Secure Lockdown implementations.

Save Money Using Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education is NOT Required
 Runs Both Universal Windows Apps or Classic Win32 Apps
 Free Remote Management Cloud Services
 Runs in Tablet Mode
 Quick and Easy Setup and Deployment
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