Secure Computers for Senior Citizens

Use Inteset Secure Lockdown to
Configure Windows for the Elderly
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Due to a seemingly complex Windows interface, many of our elderly that are not computer savvy tend to get lost during navigation. While attempting to unravel issues, senior users can sometimes make matters worse by mis-configuring their system. When using the browser, they can be victims of scams, malware, and other internet-based hazards.

Using Secure Lockdown - Multi Application Edition with free remote desktop software such as  TeamViewer can be the perfect combination of tools to assist otherwise frustrated IT staff or family members trying to help. With Secure Lockdown, you can easily lock down the Windows Desktop and provide only the applications your senior uses. All other non-relevant Windows applications and settings are not accessible. Furthermore, you can set up Secure Lockdown so that the Chrome browser allows only desired websites (whitelisted) while locking out the browser's settings at the same time.

If your elderly customer or parent / grandparent needs help, you can use Inteset’s Remote Management Services to manage particular Secure Lockdown settings in addition to an application such as TeamViewer to gain access to the Desktop and any applications.
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