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Secure Lockdown - Standard Edition is a Windows Lockdown Utility that Allows Access to Only Your Application Exclusively

Standard Edition is perfect for single purpose systems such as custom business programs, information and advertising kiosk, digital signage systems, trade show setups, point-of-sale appliances, time clock terminals, media centers and many more. Secure Lockdown removes all undesired Windows Desktop functionality and keystrokes and allows your main application to run exclusively.

Windows Embedded without Fuss

Eliminate the time, complexities, and expense of Windows Embedded. Easily deploy your single-purpose systems in a locked down environment.

Runs Any Application

Main applications can be Windows Desktop application (Classic Win32), ClickOnce, or Windows Universal Apps (UAP) running in Desktop Mode.

Run Your Application Exclusively

Boot directly into your application. System effectively becomes an appliance with a single purpose.

Ideal for Touch Implimentations

Works with Windows tables and touch screens for portable or fixed, locked down setups.

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Manage from the Cloud

Secure Lockdown comes with remote management services so you can maintain and control all of your systems easily and quickly.

Kiosks Custom Apps POS Systems Time-Clocks Trade Show Apps Media Centers Business Apps

Perfect for Single-Purpose Systems

Secure Lockdown Standard Edition is ideal for systems requiring only one application.

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System Requirements

Runs with any version of Windows (7, 10, 11)
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 or higher
Secure Lockdown™ must run under an administrator account (the logged in user must have administrator privileges). Secure Lockdown cannot “Run as administrator” under a Standard User account.
An Internet connection on the system in which the software is installed is recommended for simple product activation (off-line activation is available).
Windows User Account Control (UAC) should be disabled. If it is not disabled while Secure Lockdown is enabled, upon logging into the locked down account, users can answer “no” to the UAC prompt, then bypass many of the lockdown features Secure Lockdown employs.
It is highly recommended that a second, password protected local administrative account be setup on the system as a security and recovery measure.


Download the Secure Lockdown - Standard Edition User Guide.
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Download the Secure Lockdown - Admin Guide. Learn all of the special features for administrators.
Download Administrator Guide