PlayBox™ - Browser Edition - User Guide (IntPlaybx100)

Chrome Settings - Chrome Extensions

One of the valuable features of the Chrome browser is the advent of extensions. Chrome extensions are small add-on programs largely developed by 3rd party companies that enhance the capabilities of the Chrome browser. There are hundreds of extensions available via the Chrome Web Store. If you're implementing a custom web site solution on the PlayBox and need some special programming, there is a good change you'll find what you need using a Chrome extension. It is recommended that you search the Chrome Web Store for extensions related to your project that may enhance the experience.
To learn about each option, see the Chrome Extension Options section below, to learn how to add an extension to the list, see the Add an Extension section.

Chrome Extensions Options

Installed Extension

The Installed Extensions list contains a list of the currently installed Chrome extensions and their associated descriptions. This list is a reflection of what is displayed on the Chrome Settings Extensions page. If you add a new extension via the Chrome browser, you'll need to press the Extension List Refresh button to display the changes.

Chrome Web Store

If you need to add a new Chrome extension to the Installed Extensions list, select the Chrome Web Store button (colored tile) to launch Chrome Web Store page.

Extention List Refresh

Once a new extension has been added to the system from the Chrome Web Store, you'll need to press the Extension List Refresh button for the new extension to appear in the list.

Built-in Extensions

The Built-in Extensions list contains a list of extensions that are predefined and related to digital signage and kiosk setups. The extensions in the list are not installed by default except the Inteset Chrome Kiosk Helper extension. The Install column allows you to easily install the extension by enabling the desired extension's Install checkbox. Once enabled, you'll need to press the PlayBox Save button to apply the changes.

Add an Extension to the Installed Extensions List

To add a new extension to the Installed Extensions List, follow the steps below.
  • Press the Chrome Web Store button to launch the Chrome Web Store page.
  • Find the needed extension by using the search tools found in the Web Store page. Once the extension is found and selected,  press the Add To Chrome option in the extension's page. The extension will be added to Chrome in a few seconds. The extensions icon will then be displayed in the Chrome Settings Extensions page (chrome://extensions).
  • From here you can close the browser, then press the Refresh button to refresh the Extensions List which will show the newly added extensions.
  • You can remove and configure installed extensions (some extensions have configuration options) from the Chrome Settings Extensions page (chrome://extensions).