PlayBox™ - Browser Edition - User Guide (IntPlaybx100)

Chrome Settings - Reset

Under this section, various settings allow resetting Chrome to its originally started state after a specified increment of no user activity (no keyboard, mouse, or touch activity.)

Reset after Options

Inactivity Minutes

Set this option to the number of minutes of user inactivity whereby Secure Lockdown will reset the browser.

Note: playing a video or music is not considered activity. If playing a video and no interaction occurs, the browser will be reset in the specified period even if the video is still playing. In this case, as a solution, you could set the inactivity period equal to or greater than the time length of the video.

Restart Chrome

Select this option to close all instances of Chrome at the specified “Inactivity” increment. Note that this option clears memory based user sessions, but not file-based cookies.

Return Home

Select this option to return to the defined Chrome homepage at the specified “Inactivity” increment. This will only occur if Chrome is the foreground application.